Gerad Taylor creates groovy Hippie art for Bikies

Gerad Taylor Harley Davidson illustration

Gerad Taylor plays classical jazz, rides a motorcycle, paints landscapes and sculpts digital worlds in 3D. He is incredibly prolific with his talents and always challenges himself to work and play with different subjects and mediums in order to achieve the most convincing expression of whatever he is doing. He applies this philosophy to whatever challenge he takes on with uncompromising discipline.

The look of the airbrush art from the 70s was often quite “hokey” as it was ill disciplined, laid back and “out of this world”. So the hardest part of creating the hokey look of airbrush artwork for Gerad was restraining himself from using all the deft techniques he has taught himself over his prolific career and just be cool with letting it flow. It’s the hippie’s favourite form of artistic expression and it required one of our most disciplined craftsman to drop his discipline for a few weeks.

Which makes you wonder how he nailed the look so well given it seems to unnatural for him to work this way. Truth is, Gerad’s parents were hippies. They received guidance from the same guru that the Beetles frequented, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and a young Gerad Taylor was patted on the head by the enlightened hand of the very man.

So Harley got the benefit of an enlightened perfectionist creating an authentic looking airbrushed fuel tank, digitally.

Click here to see Gerad’s full portfolio.
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